Pasha Finkelshtein

Developer Advocate – JetBrains


Developer advocate for data engineering and a polyglot developer. I write in JVM languages (even exotic like Clojure), Python, and JS/TS. I love talking and people. Autonomous, but I don't like isolation. Learning never ends for me.


Skill Keywords
Communications Public speaking Writing Podcasting
Programming Java Kotlin Python JS TS Scala
Architecture Microservices Data Storage Architecture Distributed Systems
Data Engineering Apache Spark Architecture EMR Kafka GCP Storages


Developer Advocate, JetBrains

2021-02 — Present Berlin, Germany

My primary goals as developer advocate for the Big Data Tools plugin are to interact with the community to find trends that will help to make the pluginmore useful to widen its audience. I do content marketing, give talks and record thematic podcasts.

Software Engineer, JetBrains

2020-02 — 2021-02 Moscow, Russia

Building Big Data Tools for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate (

Author and maintainer of Kotlin for Apache® Spark™ (

WMS Team Leader, Data Engineer, Lamoda

2018-09 — 2020-02 Moscow, Russia

As a team lead, I'm

Improving development process

Performing code reviews

Solve technological tasks, such as

1) Clustering of application 2) Improving testing architecture

3) Complex refactorings

Task management

Also, I was part of brand team. As a member, I'm

speaking at conferences/meetups

standing on our stand at conferences

participate in speaker improvement in our speaker club

  • Gave multiple talks on topics related with Kotlin
  • Standing on the booth on the one of the biggest conferences in Russia: Highload++ for 2 consecutive days each year

CIO at Digital Business block, Home Credit Bank

2017-11 — 2018-09 Moscow, Russia

My primary responsibility is to set up and fix the (where broken) development and testing process.

My main achievements are:

  1. have reoriented development from IT-centric to business-centric

  2. have almost wholly eliminated overtimes

  3. with changes have created a positive trend in bug elimination

  4. we have created a transparent stakeholders' communication and prioritization process

Development tech lead, Sberbank Realty center

2016-07 — 2017-11 Moscow, Russia

Tech leadership on Java developers, planning, and task decomposition.

Communication with business. Candidates interviews.


The system, a de facto analog of the bill of credit, is performed without a bank license.

The system is built with:

Java 8, Kotlin Spring




React+Redux for frontend.

All the system works in the Kubernetes environment (and in Docker).

Other responsibilities:

In my first month in the company, I created an architectural overview of the whole company ecosystem. I've created the presentation, where I made some accents on the most influencing weaknesses of existing solutions and proposed ways to improve the situation. Most of the ideas from this presentation are now accepted as rules for development in the company.

Software architect, ATOL

2015-12 — 2016-07 Moscow, Russia

I've achieved the following results:

Got basic knowledge about retail business

Under conditions of constantly changing requirements, I've created a team, process, and product that can quickly adapt to these requirements.

Brought a product into production exploitation (in the beta-test stage)

Technical stack is:

Spring Boot with Cloud, Security, MVC, Core, JDBC, Cache, AMQP




Java 8, Kotlin Javascript (ES2015, AngularJS, Webpack)


Team Lead, NII Voskhod

2014-02 — 2015-12 Moscow, Russia

My responsibilities include:

Management of team up to 5 people, task assignment, planning.

Also I work as a senior developer, so I have responsibility for final product architecture and things like deployment process automation, documentation etc.

We're developing enterprise-class application, which controls federal system of electronic data exchange and intercommunication.

Key technologies: Java EE, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Hibernate, Oracle.

Author, CHIP

2013-05 — 2013-11 Moscow, Russia

Wrote articles about linux for CHIP DVD.


2009-03 — 2014-01 Moscow, Russia

Java programming:

standart library, apache commons, JPA, google guava, Eclipse RCP, Hibernate (basic knowledge)

Research development: Metawidget, GWT, Vaadin, many other libs

I am first in our team, who used mockito in unit tests.

Other languages:

Groovy, Scala and Kotlin (basic)

Build engineering: Jenkins CI, Maven Setup servers for development - all infrastructure work: OS setup, all necessary soft

Strong knowledge of Unix-based OS'es - ubuntu, centos, fedora


Higher School of Economics

2007-09 — 2009-06 Moscow, Russia

Higher School of Economics

2003-09 — 2007-06


Slava Semushin

Pavel is one of the brightest persons that I've ever seen! He is quickly learning new stuff, very positive with an open mind, eager to discover new horizons. I like (and I continue to learn from him) his attitude for mistakes and conflicts.

I remember that when we worked together, we found a synergy between us that helped both of us to grow faster. Our communication also created a strong relationship that is still alive, and I always like to meet him over and over. If one day we are able to work together again, I will be happy!